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Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh Yeah, Square 16

I am shamefully behind in this "stitch an inch every day project"; actually, I don't even think "behind" cuts it. But I forge ahead nonetheless, with the next square:
A leaf, in honor of my favorite season. I thought snipping a square of copper mesh from the monsterbubbles Christmas ornament I'm working on would add a bit of interesting texture to the piece. Remembering that the mesh is easier to sew on when I poke all the stitch holes first, I traced a teeny little maple leaf on a piece of paper, laid it over the mesh, and poked holes along the stitch lines. Unfortunately, the holes were almost impossible to see with the white linen underneath the mesh; good thing the design was so small, it still worked up pretty quick. I love fall leaves, but my area of Queens seems to be populated with trees that don't look pretty as the leaves die -- instead of lovely shades of gold, orange, red, and purple, the leaves turn a grayish brown before crumpling up. So I'll have to settle for this little red leaf.

Speaking of the monsterbubbles ornament:
I'm slowly making progress. (Uh, the photo is sideways, because I forgot to rotate it before uploading it.)

And a little Halloween stitching:
This is a Prairie Schooler design from last year, and will be an owl.


  1. Now I know this has to be you! True, Queens will never beat New England in terms of fall foliage, but hey, the Indian food is better...

    EB x

  2. I concede the point about Indian food. Which I am now craving . . .

    Hi! Check your email.

  3. Hi Beadgirl~ Thanks for visiting me whilst I've been out of commission with computer problems. Boy, living without computers is scary! You don't know mow much you rely on them until one day it goes *poof* and doesn't work any more... yikes! I really loved your suggestion of making my crazy quilt piece into a wall hanging. That's a great idea, thank you!I like your stitching here! I'm off to go read more of your blog! Have a great night!