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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Don't I Have Enough Jewelry?

On Friday I wore a brightly colored dress, and I wanted to wear some colorful jewelry to match, something large-scale and interesting. But I had nothing that seemed just right; the closest was the felt necklace I made, but that would be too hot and itchy for 90 degree weather.

Friday night, as I lay in bed, I remembered I had a long strand of Latin American beads woven from brightly-dyed straw that I had picked up a couple of years ago. Eureka! So Saturday morning, while Mr. Beadgirl took the Beadboys to the playground, I spent ten minutes restringing the beads onto black heavy cotton string. I interspersed the beads with small black wooden beads leftover from another project. Et voilà!

1 comment:

  1. I was trying to find details on these... Lovely necklace! I was selling off my collection and have these too. I bought them in 1992. I wonder how the were made. Might just keep them.
    I will probably post the photos on come say hello - regards from a fellow bead lover!